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September 11, 2012
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  Gilbert ran his index finger down your soft, bare back. It seemed to have no imperfections that he could see with the naked eye. Smiling softly to himself, he once again trailed your spine to your neck. You let out a soft sigh in your sleep and started to shift.

   He pulled his hand back as you turned over to face him, still asleep as you snuggled against his chest comfortably. So this is how we always end up in this position, the Prussian thought to himself with a smirk.

   Gilbert carefully turned onto his back, moving you slightly so that you were laying your head on his chest while he wrapped one arm around your slim waist. This must be what heaven feels like, he mused mentally, too bad I'm going to hell.

    The ceiling of the tan colored tent blocked out the winking stars in the sky, but through the thin material, he could barely make out the sliver of the white moon against a black velvet sky.

    The quarter moon looked peaceful. Of course it's peaceful, it's not down on earth, forced to go through war like the humans, Gilbert thought, but the moon watches us, and it most likely thinks we look amazingly stupid for fighting.

     The Prussian could almost burst into laughter at his poetic thoughts. He wondered if he had spent too much time with Francis before the war, it would surely explain his unintentional bout of deep poetry.

   Suddenly, as if only happening to tear him away from thinking of only himself, something silver flashed from the corner of his eye. He glanced over, immediately spotting the blue and black iron cross necklace. It was an award. It represented his years of military service and valiance. It represented his years of killing.

    Then Gilbert turned his attention to you, pulling the blanket up past your shoulder blades, for it must be cold. Yes, he felt a chill, but after a while of sleeping in tents in a frosty air, he was used to a small breeze. You looked so peaceful, so at rest against him.

    Do you approve of me, (Name)? He asked himself that question, not being able to tear the frown away from his lips. Am I everything you ever wanted? Do you approve of my war?

    Deep down, the answer he knew would come is 'no'. He didn't even approve of it much, but something unknown kept him going along with Ludwig, even though his little brother has changed signifigantly from the calm man he used to be.

     This war has changed people. Even me....

    Gilbert layed his head back on the hard pillow, returning his eyes to the tan fabric of the tent, attempting to focus on sleep for tomorrow would be another hard day. Another hard day, another medal to be awarded, another person to kill, another strategy to plan, another march through Europe, another moment that he's not with you.

     Just another day...  he thought, tomorrow.... I'll tell Ludwig I'm done.
So I'm in the mood for a dramatic Prussia thingy... This is set towards the end of WWII... and there are mentions of Nazi! Germany...

I just got really poetic like in this... I didn't even mean too...

I woke up this morning holding onto my dog... I was spooning with my dog... and for some reason... this action gave me Prussia feels. It just reminded me of Prussia for some reason...

I guess it doesn't help that I was watching a butt load of documentaries about WWII before I fell asleep...

And it's a true story bro about how the iron cross necklace is a war medal. I looked that shit up.

I have a feeling that I'd be good at writing angsty war stuff... Imma make a series now... all the Axis and Allies thoughts during WWII.... yeah, look for that shit.
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